Why get a pre-purchase report before an auction?

admin July 6, 2017
Auctions are an increasingly popular way to sell property. With an auction comes a sense of urgency especially when there are a number of people bidding.  With a private treaty, there’s more opportunity for purchasers to negotiate terms of the contract.  However, if you are the successful bidder at an auction, you cannot make the contract subject to any further conditions. ...

Am I an owner builder?

admin June 23, 2017
You've completed some renovation work on your property within the last 6.5 years and now you're looking to sell your property. However, you've just found out that your renovation work needs to be inspected and you require an Owner Builder Defects Report (otherwise known as a 137b Report). The report forms part of your Section 32 documents. You may be...

Why do you need to book inspections at all five stages of construction?

admin June 23, 2017
You've bought your land, the contract is signed and colour selections have been finalised. Making sure you understand the construction process is your next step and that's where Urban Property Inspections can help. It's always wise to have an independent property inspector with sound building knowledge and experience, to guide you through this important time. We can offer inspections for...

What to look out for when picking a property inspector

admin January 25, 2017
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Have you finally found that house to call home? We know it’s an exciting time when you’re purchasing a house but it’s also a time to sit back and think about having a building inspection carried out. Buying property is a big decision and it follows with a big price tag, so getting a property inspector to examine the house will be...