an overview of what we do

Property Inspection service

At Urban Property Inspections, we like to specialise in houses. So our range of services is specifically for buyers and sellers of new or existing homes – whether you choose to live there yourself or are buying for investment purposes.

Our building inspection services include:

  • Pre Purchase
    An independent, pre purchase inspection during your cooling off period, or prior to auction, to let you know any faults with the house or problems that might arise in the future. Read more…
  • Pest
    A pest inspection that you can combine with a pre purchase building inspection, to cover both the structural elements of the house as well as the conditions around the property. Read more…
  • > New Homes
    Inspections at five main stages of building construction: Base, Frame, Lock-up/Pre Plaster, Fixing and Final Handover (PCI) so we can be your independent guide over your new house build and give you that peace of mind. Read more…
  • Owner Builder
    A 137B inspection and report for sellers of homes, where owner built work has been carried out within the previous 6.5 years. Read more…

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