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5 Construction Stages From The Base to Final Handover

There are a lot of pieces that make up a house. Putting them all together in the right place takes knowledge and skill. Urban property inspectors are all former builders so understand the construction process well and know where all the pieces are meant to go. They are available to conduct new home inspections Melbourne wide, so no matter where you’re building, you can have peace of mind.

As a client, you want to know that your new house is being built to plan. You have the fun of choosing your own design, your colours and some of your fixtures and fittings. You don’t really want to know about the lintels and the barge boards.

Having Urban to help you with comprehensive house inspections can take the stress out of building. You can get us to check every stage of construction and ask us any questions as we go.

  • There are five main stages of construction: Base, Frame, Lock-up/Pre Plaster, Fixing and Final Handover which is also called a  PCI (pre completion inspection). At Urban, we carry out inspections at each of these stages.
  • You can hire us for just one inspection or all five, and we have a range of prices to suit.
  • Inspections can be timed to coincide with your progress payments so you can check that everything is running to plan.  And if not, you can give the builder a copy of our report and talk it through.
  • We have a custom-built iPad inspection tool so we can prepare the report on site and email it straight to your Inbox. Our property inspectors will note all the key elements and include photos for your record.

Click here to download your free sample PCI/Final Handover report.

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Let us be your independent guide over your new house build, and give you that peace of mind. You can phone us on 1300 071 283 or email for a free quote on home inspections in Melbourne.

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