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New Home Inspection FAQ

Why should you choose Urban Property Inspections to carry out my inspection?
All of our inspectors have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out your inspection. They have been inspecting homes for up to 20 years. Your Inspector will be happy to explain his findings and answer your questions so you an make an informed decision about your purchase.

Which geographic areas do we cover?
We carry out inspections across metropolitan Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Geelong. If you are outside of this area, please call us to discuss your requirements.

You need to organise an inspection urgently. When can you get the inspection done?
Our team will endeavour to meet your requirements in organising the inspection appointment. We will contact your sales agent, or supervisor, on your behalf, to arrange a time that suits all parties. Your Inspector will then contact you to confirm the date and time of the inspection.

How long does a typical house inspection take?
A typical inspection will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete. However, this will depend on the size and condition of the house.

You would like to meet the inspector on site? Is that possible?
We are happy to meet clients on site at the end of the house inspection and you are welcome to arrive at least 45 minutes after the confirmed inspection time. Your inspector will then verbally take you through all the details and your report will be emailed directly to your inbox.

What is involved with a Pre Purchase inspection?
This involves a structural inspection of both the inside and outside of the house covering over 250 items throughout the property. Your Inspector will check for signs of settlement and movement with the house, as well as elements such as roof and gutters, accessible underfloor space, wet areas, hot water service, safety switches and smoke detectors.

We have developed a unique and customised mobile application that is used as a tool for on-site inspection reporting. Your Inspector will produce a detailed condition report with captioned photos, plus an invoice. The report will be emailed directly to you so the turnaround time is fast and convenient.

How do you get the Report?
If you are available to meet on site, the Property Inspector can go through the report verbally, immediately after the inspection and clarify each point raised. If you are not able to meet on site, the Inspector will phone you after the inspection and go through the report verbally. In both situations, the inspector will then email you a copy of the report within 24 hours.

What methods of payment do we accept?
We accept the following credit cards: Visa and Mastercard (not AMEX or Diners Card). Other payment methods include cash, cheque or by internet transfer. An invoice will accompany the report and we ask that you please let us know the tax invoice number and your name when transferring money, for tracking purposes (or we may not make the connection that it has been paid).

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?
Urban Property Inspections offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the service that we provide.

How long do you have to pay the invoice?
Following the inspection, your report will be sent to the email address that you have provided us. Note that the terms of the invoice are strictly 7 days. Overdue accounts will incur penalty interest of 2.5% per month and all costs of collection.

Can we offer any discounts for paying by cash?
We do not offer any discounts for cash payment. Our reports automatically include a tax invoice and all our payments are recorded in our financial system.

You’re carrying out a renovation project. Can you receive some advice on my renovation (e.g. removing walls, extension, etc.)?
Our inspectors are registered builders and/or accredited architects and have the knowledge and experience to report on any building work. However, we encourage clients to also obtain advice from a structural engineer before any work commences.

Can we provide you with building certification?
A building surveyor will need to issue a building permit and final occupancy permit. Urban Property Inspections can provide you with a suggested list of building surveyors, if required.

What inspections do we carry out for new home construction?
Urban carries out inspections on the five key stages of house construction; Base, Frame, Lockup/Pre Plaster, Fixing and Final Handover (PCI).

We can also carry out a Contract Review prior to the commencement of your build. Urban can be your independent eye to identify possible flaws or discrepancies in the contract.

Urban can also conduct a Maintenance Inspection, before the end of your 3 month maintenance period.

Why should you book all five stages of construction?
We offer inspections for five important stages in the construction process so any issues can be detected early and corrected to avoid disputes between the builder and owner of the property. You can be assured that if the Inspector finds poor workmanship or an inadequate service at a particular stage, they will check it again at the following stage to see that it has been rectified.

Should you have any further questions, please contact the team on 1300 071 283 or click here for a free online quote.