New House Construction: The 5 Key Stages

new home constructionWith any new house construction, there are key milestone stages, which coincide with your progress payment schedule. These stages are ideal opportunities for an independent property inspector to assess the progress and workmanship of the construction, on your behalf. In the early stages, it is crucial to inspect the building structure, so you can make sure that no discrepancies have arisen between the original design documentation and what is actually being built on site. It is also a time to check that the workmanship meets the Building Commission’s Standards & Tolerances, current Building Regulations and the Building Code…

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Pre Purchase Inspections: What’s behind the door?

Pre Purchase InspectionsBuying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you might ever make. And it’s a tricky one because no matter how excited you feel, or how ‘perfect’ the house appears, you will need to be practical and put all the facts on the table. It’s smart to get someone independent to guide you. Open Homes are a wonderful way to see behind the door. Houses from the outside can be tantalising in their mystery. How big is the back deck really? And what style of kitchen appliances lie in wait? Beware the downside of an Open Home! All those possibilities can be enticing but it can be very easy to overlook some of the brewing issues while you’re wearing those rose-coloured glasses…

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